Fungus Control Lawn Care

The grass in our region is referred to as “cool season grass” which is mainly either three types of grass; rye grass, kentucky blue grass, and fescue grass.

Fungus Control Lawn Care Bohonyi Landscaping

There are many types of fescue and rye grasses and each are a little different in their own way. The one thing that they all have in common, they don’t like extreme heat!
Cold season grass can tolerate extreme cold weather, but not extreme heat and some varieties, drought. Another damaging factor for cool season grass is humidity. This breeds fungus which will show as burn marks and/or brown patches of dead grass throughout your lawn.
Lawn fungus has been around forever, but the humid summers we’ve been having recently, has made the fungus more rampant than it ever has been before.
If your lawn is looking “patchy” or has a lot of dead, brown areas, call us today so we can correct your lawn. We offer a fungus control plan to prevent fungus before its too late. 
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