Lawn Core Aeration

I hope you’ve had a great summer! Now is the time to fix your lawn from the damage caused by the heat and humidity we’ve had this summer. The single best thing you can do for your lawn is to aerate and over seed. This is done from mid-September through mid-October. This is crucial if you want to have a thick, lush lawn for next season. 
We also add dolomitic lime stone when we aerate and seed, which increases the soil ph. Having optimal soil ph is key in having deep grass roots especially when it gets hot and humid out, like it has been this summer. When you have low soil ph, your lawn will burn up faster when it gets hot and will not bounce back once it cools off. This will in turn leave many brown, bare spots in your lawn which will lead to weeds and crabgrass throughout the lawn. See the image below of soil PH and the problems that associate with it. The loss of vital nutrients within the soil needed to maintain a healthy lawn is attributed to low soil PH (Acidic soil) and can only be corrected by adding limestone. 
Soil PH
Having a thick, lush lawn will greatly reduce the amount of pesticides and chemicals used on your property. A thick lawn is the best prevention for weeds and crabgrass within your lawn because it leaves no room for the weeds to germinate and emerge. 
Other benefits of aeration are as follows:
  • Increases the oxygen level in the soil. Oxygen is an essential element in plant growth.  Aeration increases the oxygen level in the root zone stimulating beneficial microbial activity which greatly increases root growth and overall health of your lawn.
  • Makes it easier for the lawn to use available water and naturally available nutrients.  Aeration also allows the lawn to better use the nutrients (fertilizers) that are applied to it.
  • Reduced water requirements. Aeration helps reduce the amount of water your lawn needs in two ways. First, aeration helps prevent water runoff. The less compacted soil allows the water to penetrate the soil more easily, instead of just having the water run off the lawn. Second, the increased root growth allows the turf to better utilize the water in the soil. If you water your lawn, aeration will help reduce your watering requirements.  If you don’t water, aeration will improve your lawn’s drought tolerance.
  • Helps reduce the thatch layer in your lawn. Aeration brings thatch eating microorganisms to the surface. This is a natural way to reduce thatch.

Aeration Chart

Please let us get you a quote for aeration and over seeding. It is the single best thing you can do for your lawn!

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